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Copenhagen Maker & CopenX festival

We’re proud to announce a two day festival exploring the future and present state of current immersive technologies.
The festival will feature amazing Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences from Denmark and beyond. In addition, our friends from Copenhagen Maker festival will bring together the scandinavian maker community, exploring trends and innovations in technology, craft and design.

See you at KPH Volume/GAME at Enghavevej 80 in Copenhagen 29 & 30 September

Activities Maker & CopenX Festival

O’Shea design:
Experience the science fiction universe of Billy O’ Shea in virtual reality.

Bolverk Games:
The danish game studio Bolverk Games has won several prices for their fun and different virtual reality games. Experience slaying alligators as Dick Wilde or guarding your base from exploding kitties.

Help save humanity from AI robots with a big arsenal of weapons and strategically placed towers in the sci-fi virtual reality game, Voronium. The game is developed by danish game company Gamalocus and will be premiering exclusively at CopenX.

Shark Gaming:
Shark Gaming are experts in special built gaming computers for both e-sport and virtual reality. At CopenX they will be taking it to the next level with their VR simulators that includes haptics, heat and more. Stop by their booth to find out how you can get started with virtual reality.

VRPRO are experts in distribution of virtual reality content. Stop by their booth to experience the award winning Sense of Home project about refugees, developed for Red Cross and a number of best practices of how companies use virtual reality today.

Entropy Fox:
Entropy Fox are specialists in developing augmented reality holograms for phones and holographic glasses. Experience how augmented reality technology can be used to visualize data, and much more.

MeetIn VR:
The possibility to meet in virtual universes is said to be one of the biggest potentials of virtual reality. MeetIn VR are experts in this with their platform that makes it possible to meet and collaborate in virtual spaces. Stop by their booth at CopenX to experience the future of meetings.

The Makropol art studio uses immersive technologies to create groundbreaking art experiences. Stop by their booth to get a sneak peak of their most ambitious project ever.


Khora – Khora is one of Denmark’s leading virtual reality production houses

Samsung VR Cinema:
Program TBA