CopenX realities 2018

CopenX Realities – Explore the possibilities and opportunities of Immersive Technologies with the leading minds in science, business, technology and media. The focus of CopenX is how technologies such as Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality, AI and Blockchain will impact existing business’, social and cultural structures.

CopenX 2018 is proud to present some of the best and the brightest on 18 + 19 April 2018 together with NextM @ TAP1. A ticket for CopenX also gives admission to the NextM conference.

CopenX 2018 speakers

NextM 2018 Speakers


TAP1, Raffinaderivej 10, 2300 Copenhagen

A former distillery transformed into a modern event space accommodating up to 6,500 guests for a wide range of events; conferences, exhibitions, concerts, dinners, TV shows, meetings, trade shows, etc.