CopenX Presents BørneRiget HACKATHON

30th of Nov - 2nd of Dec 2018

CopenX invites you to ‘BørneRiget Hackathon’

A 42-hour hackathon aiming at developing innovative XR-solutions to change the lives of children and young people with chronic and/or rare diseases.

The target group are a specifically vulnerable age group between 8 and 18.
They spend a great deal of their lives in hospital with long-term treatment courses which often leave them disconnected and passive.

Their physical capabilities vary greatly. Some of them will be unable to leave the bed, while others can move around. Some will be admitted to isolation rooms for weeks or months, and some will require physical training to be able to walk again after being bound to a hospital bed.

The key issue is to create motivation for them to move their bodies, to sustain motor skills.
But they also lack a free space from illness. A space where they can be part of a community and experience a general feeling of success.

Create XR solutions for hospitalized children and youth, to improve their everyday life and physical abilities.

Experts and mentors with knowledge in XR, healthcare and business development will be present to support the developers, as well as representatives of the users we are aiming to help.

Relevant hardware and software for the development will be available.

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Two winning teams will be named by a capable jury.
Each winning team will receive 25.000 kr to make a test pilot in collaboration with Rigshospitalet. The goal is to create a solution that can be implemented across the health care system nationally and hopefully internationally as well.

The test pilot will be showcased at CopenX conference in May 2019.

We welcome creators from all parts of the XR industry, the healthcare area, as well as students, upcoming talents and developers and creators from other relevant trades.

We encourage and will support the attendees in forming teams consisting of different talents and professions.

We have room for around 50 attendees.

BørneRiget – Children’s Hospital Copenhagen – will be a new public hospital that sets new standards for the treatment of children, adolescents, pregnant women and their families. When the doors open in 2024 the goal is to have build the world’s best hospital for children and families.

Children do not stop playing simply because they fall ill. Play can help the child accept illness and treatment, and it must therefore be an integrated part of design, life and experience. A common thread running through the entire stay in hospital.

The idea of this hackathon comes from Khora VR’s long-term collaboration with Rigshospitalet. Over the last 3 years, Khora has collaborated with several departments at Rigshospitalet to make life a little easier for children and young people in the hospital

The venue of the Hackathon is Flakkebjerg Efterskole in Slagelse.

Transport from Aarhus and Copenhagen will be provided for friday afternoon and returning sunday afternoon.

Delicious, sustainable and brain-boosting food will be served throughout the weekend.

Sleeping accommodation in single or shared rooms.